Glebe Report Editor

The Glebe Report Board of Directors is seeking the most suitable candidate
to assume the position of editor of the Glebe Report, as of mid-June 2014. The Glebe Report is a print-first community paper with an online presence.
Currently the position entails:

• good knowledge of issues currently facing the Glebe, and familiarity with recent history of the community and its core organizations.

• ability to manage a team, including a collaborative approach to working with both professional and volunteer contributors.

• post-secondary education in the humanities and social sciences; experience in journalism would be an asset.

• writing excellence with an appreciation for plain English.

• editing skills, including identifying relevant stories and developing a roster of contributors as a part of content acquisition; structural and stylistic editing; copy editing; picture research; fact checking; working with pertinent media law issues; and production co-ordination.

• basic photography skills.

• basic understanding of visual design issues and layout.

• basic understanding of the use of the Internet, social media in journalism.

• strong organizational and interpersonal skills, with varied experience in non-profit community organizations.

• computer fluency (WORD in Microsoft Office 2011 and Mac Mail are required; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Twitter and Facebook are assets).

• availability to attend community meetings and events, to work on-site during production and to report to the Board of Directors after each production cycle.

The position currently requires up to 150-160 hours per issue.
A modest monthly honorarium is provided.

Interested parties can contact GR Board Chair Bob Brocklebank at for more details and for the
application procedure.

Application deadline: February 28, 2014 at 5 p.m.

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