A young Ukrainian family settles in Ottawa


By Madeleine Cloutier, Ginette Bocage and Jeanne Charron

In August 2022, a young family from Ukraine, a 14-year-old boy named Valentyn and his mother Iryna joined us in our lovely neighbourhood of Sandy Hill. Since then, the two have lived with Madeleine Cloutier, a member of the Welcoming Committee, and will until June, supported by a committee of dedicated volunteers in this wonderful adventure.

In September, Iryna found work as a cleaning lady at the Lord Elgin Hotel. She holds a teaching diploma and a degree as a massage therapist from institutions in Ukraine. For his part, Valentyn is a student at Immaculata High School. Day by day, our two proteges are becoming more and more part of our community.

Since the arrival of our guests, all their needs, such as housing, food and clothing have been met by the small group of volunteers who have also helped them to participate in school and recreational activities. However, the little family has now reached a crossroads: it must find a decent apartment and be able to manage on its own. Already it is such a joy to see how strongly Valentyn is attached to his school.

Stability being the key to a positive integration, we think it essential that this family find housing in our neighbourhood and to ensure that we can reach this important goal, in the spirit of solidarity, we are now seeking your support. Donations would be greatly appreciated, as they would allow us to do more to help Iryna and Valentyn settle in our community. Finally, we are also hoping that Iryna’s other son, aged 19, will be able to join his mother and younger brother in Ottawa.

If you wish to contribute to this project, please consult the GoFundMe website under “Help a Young Ukrainian Family Settle in Ottawa” gofund.me/3a51f46f.

Your contribution will allow you to obtain a receipt for income tax purposes thanks to the support of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The Welcoming Committee for receiving the Ukrainian family is Madeleine Cloutier, Ginette Bocage and Jeanne Charron.

A young Ukrainian family, mother Iryna and 14-year-old son Valentyn

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