Back at Good Morning, 30 years later

Mom Emma Gale, who attended Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool as a child, is now introducing her daughter Aisling to the joys of creative arts and play.   Photo: Karen Cameron

By Emma Gale

Even as an adult, fall gives me the feeling of a new year. I came full circle this September as I started at Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool for the second time.

I first began at GMCAP (formerly Good Morning Playgroup) as a child in 1989 and have now joined the ranks as a parent. My daughter Aisling is part of the toddler program two mornings a week.

It’s in the same building and the same main room as when I attended. I love that the books were where I expected. The walls continue to be covered in children’s art. Three decades later, it still has a cheerful atmosphere and smiling teachers. The familiarity brought a smile to my face on the first day.

My siblings and I were part of GMCAP for eight consecutive years. It’s fun to relive it through fresh eyes and share my experiences with the family. I called my mum when I wanted to hover out of view at the window to see and hear how quickly the drop-off tears stopped; she reassured me that she did the same thing many times and that my kid is fine. With COVID-19, Aisling hasn’t had the chance to see all her aunts and uncles regularly. They can now imagine her at preschool because it’s a space they all know. Being back at GMCAP is one of the ways we can connect from a distance.

Endless thanks to the teachers Karen, Mikkaila and Lauren. Their positivity and kindness have made a big transition feel easy. Aisling isn’t much of a talker yet, so her reports of the mornings’ activities are limited. She does show that she’s settling in by waving goodbye and blowing kisses to Karen at the end of each day. She brings home art, and I can see new skills developing already. I know that her generation will experience the same joy of play, learning and lasting friendships as mine did in this wonderful space.

For more information about any of Good Morning’s amazing programs, please contact Karen at 613-276-7974 or, or check the website at

Emma Gale is a preschool alumna and current mom of a Good Morning Creative Arts and Preschool student.

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