Beautiful mural graces the Glebe’s north end

The north end of the Glebe, on the wall of Reliable Parts, is now home to a mural portraying iconic Glebe sights.   Photos: Vivian Croll

By Vivian Croll

The north end of the Glebe is very busy. It is bordered by the Queensway which is intersected by the hustle and bustle of Bank Street. People coming and going, buses, delivery trucks. But amid the noise and chaos, you will discover a beautiful vision in the form of a very large mural that is so calming. The new mural that welcomes you to the Glebe was created by artist Jocelyn Galipeau. It is located on the side wall of Reliable Parts. The store’s parking lot provides ample space to admire the mural’s beauty.

After watching the progress of the mural with great interest, I happened to catch Galipeau as he was putting on the final touches. It was late on a scorching day, and he still had two hours of work to do. He had fashioned a tarp for protection from the sun, and it provided him with some shaded relief. As I took his photo, I was looking for an angle so that the sun’s glare did not interfere with the shot. Galipeau understood this challenge, and we connected creatively. I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife. She said his murals graced a few other spots in the Glebe, though I only knew of the one on the wall of Feleena’s Mexican Cantina.

Jocelyn Galipeau is the smiling artist whose works grace other locations in the Glebe.

His new mural highlights the wonderful landmarks we so cherish in the Glebe. The many bike and walking paths and the canal which can be navigated by canoe or kayak. The majestic Aberdeen Pavilion, also known as the Cattle Castle, is represented along with tulips, leaves and remarkable stylized trees. I feel it gives the piece a feeling that this represents our future. Nothing is left out – there is even a charming chipmunk, perhaps our new Glebe mascot?

“He worked hard,” said Wayne Weatherall from Reliable Parts. “Quite a job. Beautiful looking.”

Vicky Cairincross and Tyler Deschamps from The Works were also impressed with Galipeau’s work. “I think he did the work fast, maybe in two weeks? One night he was here very late, and I brought him a burger. It represents our city very nicely and it dresses up the corner.”

During these difficult times of COVID-19, we need to celebrate the things that bring us joy. The mural highlights all the things that bring us joy in the Glebe. A beautiful visual that brings us peace. Thank you, Jocelyn!

Vivian Croll is retired from the Ottawa Hospital and loves taking photos.

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