Broadway Workout takes centre stage

Broadway Workout instructor and choreographer Dani Bone-Corbishley teaches a class at the Glebe Community Centre in January. Photos: Kennedy Chamberlain

By Laura Allardyce

The Broadway bug has hit the Glebe and it’s spreading! After two successful preview classes this winter, Broadway Workout returns to the Glebe Community Centre for an eight-week engagement on Monday nights, beginning April 15.

Broadway Workout is a new dance-based fitness class for musical theatre enthusiasts of any skill level. Intended for everyone, Broadway Workout teaches basic Broadway-style choreography that is easy to pick up. The challenge comes from learning an entire dance routine in one-hour, so even those with experience will be kept on their toes.

Not your traditional dance class

Broadway Workout is different from a traditional dance class. The focus isn’t on being perfect, it’s about keeping your body moving and having fun.

With classes running in various locations around the city, Broadway Workout has done routines with songs from Tony Award winning shows like Fame, A Chorus Line, The Lion King and Chicago, just to name a few.

The class is led by Dani Bone-Corbishley, a performer and choreographer who has been choreographing for community musical theatre and choirs in Ottawa for 10 years. Bone-Corbishley has been with Broadway Workout since the very beginning when the venture started as a fundraising event for an international NGO back in December 2018.

A class that gives back

Earlier this year, when Broadway Workout’s founder Laura Allardyce heard that the “Galentine’s Day” initiative (when ladies celebrate ladies) had arrived in Ottawa, she jumped to help. Galentine’s Day originated in Winnipeg and raises funds to provide something special, above and beyond basic human needs, for the city’s vulnerable women. This year Galentine’s Day 613 was organized by Broadway Workout regular Jennie Cherniack, who connected with local women’s centres to provide pampering care packages. The Broadway Workout community supported the initiative by collecting donated items and contributing proceeds from the Galentine’s Day class on February 13 to the initiative.

Finding our footing

Being a brand new venture, there were some growing pains at the start. Figuring out the success formula for Broadway Workout was essential. In January 2019, Broadway Workout held preview-week classes as an opportunity to invite feedback. They sold out quickly and participants shared great insights and feedback. Now classes move more quickly, choreography is easier to pick up and “active waiting” movement was incorporated to keep participants moving during instruction and transitions.

Why do people come to

Broadway Workout?

From escaping your day-to-day for an hour to reliving your jazz dance glory days to just loving the music and movement. Here’s what some participants from early classes at the Glebe Community Centre had to say:

“Even more than the physical workout, my favourite thing about the class was that it got me out of my head for an hour. I am a pretty reserved, “serious” person and nowhere else in my life do I end up doing high kicks in a chorus line. No one will say I missed my calling as a dancer, but working hard to get the steps right and striking poses and floating around like a butterfly is good for the heart and soul and mind, as much as the bod. Thank you.”

“It was a real sense of accomplishment getting through a whole song in one hour! Also it felt great to learn jazz choreography after almost 15 years out of the game.”

“I loved the positive attitude in the room. I felt I belonged despite not dancing in years! Thanks!”

You belong at

Broadway Workout

A fitness class that lets you forget you’re sweating. A dance class that doesn’t care if you get the steps right. Broadway Workout is a place for musical theatre lovers to come together to dance and share the pure joy of being a Broadway star for an hour each week.

Join the cast of Broadway Workout Monday nights at the Glebe Community Centre from April 15 to June 17. Register at

Laura Allardyce is the owner and operator of Broadway Workout. She created the class because she loves Broadway and just needed to dance to show tunes with like-minded people.

Broadway Workout participants feel the rhythm and move in sync.

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