Canadensis to unveil new Sun Shelter

The new Canadensis Sun Shelter, located at the Experimental Farm, will be unveiled June 20 at a ceremony that will launch the summer program of Canadensis Beyond the Edge: Artists’ Gardens 2019 at the future botanic garden site. Photo: Courtesy of CBGS

By Gerald Patricia Lajeunesse

The Canadensis Botanical Garden Society (CBGS) invites you to the unveiling of our newly completed, volunteer-built architectural structure Abri-Soleil Canadensis Sun Shelter on Thursday, June 20 at the Central Experimental Farm. This event, being held as part of the GardenDays celebrations, will launch the summer program of Canadensis Beyond the Edge: Artists’ Gardens 2019 at the future botanic garden site, from 5 to 8 p.m.

These summer activities are created to promote Canadensis – The Garden of Canada / le Jardin du Canada as a legacy project for all Canadians, to be located within the historic experimental farm hub, adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal and the National Arboretum. We believe that an interactive and educational national botanical garden within Ottawa will serve to “elevate” our city and will become a crucial and premier horticultural tourist attraction and destination. The botanic garden will focus its research on climate change adaptation and will be especially relevant in today’s context and in light of today’s knowledge of the beneficial effects of plant life on cities, their residents and the climate.

As it stands, Ottawa is the only G20 capital without its own botanical garden! A national garden will not only serve to help interpret and promote Canada’s botanic diversity and beauty; it will be a showcase for Canadian accomplishments and expertise in horticulture, agriculture and arboriculture, much of which has been developed through the national experimental farms network and our own Central Experimental Farm. It can only reinforce Canadian pride while offering a world-class destination for all Canadians and international guests visiting our capital.

The Canadensis Beyond the Edge: Artists’ Gardens 2019 event will reinforce the future role of Canadensis  – The Garden of Canada in support to the Central Experimental Farm by providing a green oasis in the heart of the capital and creating a horticultural node that allows visitors an opportunity to enjoy the farm and better understand its raison d’être. These events at the Farm enhance the quality of life of the overall community, our city and our capital by providing residents and visitors a unique ephemeral garden experience in the relaxed pastoral setting of the future botanical garden.

As chair of the CBGS Board of Directors, I very much hope that you will be able to attend the unveiling of our Sun Shelter, experience the gardens and enjoy a delightful strawberry treat and refreshments. Further details, directions and access route to the site can be found at Parking will be available at the site. I look forward to meeting you on June 20.

Gérald Lajeunesse is chair of the board of directors of the Canadensis Botanical Garden Society.

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