Cherished store Glebe Video in survival mode

Photo: by Paul Keen.

By Paul Keen

As we sit at home during this second lockdown, many of us have been enjoying the chance to watch movies together more than ever. For many of us, that means renting DVDs from a local small business, Glebe Video International. Film lovers in Ottawa know that Glebe Video is an irreplaceable gem, a place where one can find thousands of films from around the world and through the decades, films that no streaming service offers.

Like many small stores in our neighbourhood, Glebe Video is struggling to survive the economic impact of the pandemic, which has become even more dire with the current lockdown. Many stores that need help the most do not qualify for government support because they are too small, which is exactly what makes them such irreplaceable parts of our community. Without our direct help, our friends will not be able to stay in business and stay around for us to visit when this ordeal is over.

We’re inspired by our sense of how much our communities lose when these sorts of unique and cherished stores, many of which have been with us for decades, are forced to close. You can read more about this community treasure in the Glebe Report’s August 2019 issue (

Help us support Glebe Video during this very difficult time! For example, consider donating to the GoFundMe campaign at

Paul Keen is an author, an English professor at Carleton and a co-founder of the Shakespeare youth theatre troupe The Company of Adventurers. He lives in Old Ottawa South.

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