Clemow Estate Heritage Conservation District Study, Phase II

Clemow Avenue between Bank and Bronson is included in Phase II of the Clemow Estate Heritage Conservation District Study. PHOTO: LIZ MCKEEN

By MacKenzie Kimm

Phase II of the Clemow Estate Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study was initiated in 2016 to analyze the character of the study area and to research its history, development and evolution in order to identify the important character-defining attributes that make it significant.

The study will ultimately make recommendations to City Council and inform the policies and guidelines to help manage change in the area in the form of a heritage conservation district plan.

The area under study includes three streets – Clemow Avenue west of Bank Street to Bronson Avenue; Monkland Avenue; and Linden Terrace. This area bookends the Clemow Estate East Heritage Conservation District that was designated in 2011. The study area features an eclectic mix of houses from the early 20th century in a variety of architectural styles, as well as Patterson’s Creek and its associated park.


In 2004 City Council recommended that staff undertake a heritage conservation district study of Central Park and adjacent areas in three phases. Phase I included the area that was designated as the Clemow Estate East HCD in 2011. Phase II included Linden Terrace and Patterson’s Creek to the Rideau Canal, and Phase III included Central Park and adjacent buildings west of Bank Street.

In 2014, the city received a request from the Glebe Community Association to add Clemow Avenue west of Bank Street and Monkland Avenue to Phase II of the study. Staff agreed with the amendment of the study area.

Project Schedule

The Phase II Clemow HCD Study is expected to be completed later this year (2019). Historical research and analysis of the character of the area is nearing completion. Once complete, staff will draft an HCD Plan with guidelines and policies for the area. The study findings and a draft HCD Plan will be posted on the city’s website and available at public meetings prior to being considered by the Built Heritage Sub-committee, Planning Committee and City Council.

Two consultation meetings have been held by city staff to date: the first in 2016 at the beginning of the study and recently in February 2019. A further meeting will be held once the HCD plan has been drafted.

City of Ottawa
Heritage Restoration
Grant Program

Did you know that if you own a contributing house in a heritage district you can apply for a matching grant to conduct compatible restoration work (like repointing your masonry or restoring your porch for example)? The City of Ottawa recently increased the amount that can be awarded under the program to a maximum of $10,000. More information can be found at

Questions, Comments?

Do you have questions or are you wondering what designation will mean to you as a homeowner? More information on the study and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at If you have other questions or comments on the proposed district, you can reach out to MacKenzie Kimm, Heritage Planner at 613-580-2424, ext. 15203 or email


MacKenzie Kimm is the Heritage Planner at the City of Ottawa responsible for the Clemow Estate Heritage Conservation District Study.

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