Cozy in pyjamas and ready for hibernation

Children in their jammies at Glebe Coop Nursery School learn all about hibernation.
Photo: Julie LeBlanc

By Julie LeBlanc

With the colder temperatures setting in, the children at Glebe Cooperative Nursery School were very excited to come to school cozied up in their pyjamas for a special bedtime occasion.

Throughout the month of November, children learned all about hibernation. Each child created a bear out of clay and together they built a papier maché bear cave for the bears to spend the winter months sleeping. Through stories, discussions, games, songs and exploration, the children learned that hibernation is when an animal “sleeps” during the cold days of winter. They filled the cave with leaves and cotton so the bears would have a soft bed for their slumber. When it came time for the bears to be tucked into their caves, the children, in their pyjamas, gave their bears a hug and said “Goodnight” and “See you in the spring!”

Children have loved finding out all about how animals like bears, foxes, birds, frogs, turtles, snakes and even bats adapt to survive the cold winter season.


Winter is coming

It’s time to prepare

Get ready little animal

For the cold winter air


Frogs bury themselves in mud at the bottom of a pond

Bears sleep in caves

Birds migrate to warmer climates

Squirrels gather and store nuts.


Julie LeBlanc is responsible for communications for the Glebe Cooperative Nursery School.

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