Development projects in the Glebe – where are they now?

A four-storey mixed-use commercial building, with a notch on the intersection corner, is under construction at Fifth and Bank. Photo: Liz McKeen

by Carolyn Mackenzie

99 Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue Court)

The Traditional Mainstreet zoning of this site permitted 15 metres as a maximum height (approximately four to five storeys). Minto’s proposed redevelopment was for an eight-storey building plus a significant mechanical projection. They will retain the two-storey Bank Street façade. In response to feedback from the community, Minto reduced its proposal to seven storeys and included some building stepbacks adjacent to residential properties at the rear. City planning staff recommended approval of Minto’s revised application on that basis. Additional motions were introduced to include further building stepbacks, to review the design to save a mature tree at the southeast corner of the property, and for the city to develop a long-term Community Design Plan for the Glebe (or something equivalent), to be launched in 2019. Ottawa City Council then approved the project proposal, as amended, on June 26.

852 Bank Street (McHale’s Garage, SW corner of Bank and Fifth)

Construction of a four-storey mixed-use commercial building is underway. The private developer, a local insurance company, agreed to increase the building setbacks along Bank Street to create some additional breathing space for pedestrians, and to create a “notch” in the building at the corner of Bank and Fifth that might accommodate a small patio area.

890/900 Bank Street (Mr. Muffler / Beer store)

The site was zoned Traditional Mainstreet, permitting 15 metres as a maximum height (approximately four to five storeys). Canderel, the developer, originally proposed construction of an eight-storey retirement residence on the site of the Beer Store and Mister Muffler on Bank Street. City planning staff approved the proposal. An appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board was filed, but a modified proposal was approved after intense negotiations involving the Glebe Community Association, Monk Street residents and the city. The approved development recued the building height to four storeys where Mister Muffler is now and introduced significant building stepbacks where the building is adjacent to Monk Street neighbours. A partial ninth storey will go up at the southern end of the building closest to Lansdowne, set back from Monk Street. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2018.

Carolyn Mackenzie is chair of the Planning Committee of the Glebe Community Association.

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