Down memory lane with the Glebe Report

Letter writer Roger Wright, wife Toshima, son Noah and daughter Sena George Wright, father of the writer, delivered the Glebe Report for decades.


Dear Editor, Glebe Report

Re: “Salute to those who bring you the Glebe Report,” January/February 2023

I really enjoy reading the Glebe Report. You guys do such a beautiful job. I live in Tokyo with my wife and two kids but try not to miss an issue! I grew up in the Glebe before moving to Toronto for university and then work. We moved to Tokyo in 2008.

Your article from this month, “Salute to those who bring you the Glebe Report” was fantastic. It also reminded me of my dear dad who delivered the Glebe Report – for what seemed like forever. George was a long-time resident of the Glebe before moving to the St. Patrick’s Home on Riverside a few years ago. He is now in his mid-eighties.

How long he delivered, I am not sure, but I am sure it could be measured in many decades. I just read your article on the origins of the Glebe Report – George was a close friend of both Penny and Clyde Sanger, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved from the beginning of the paper – but I am not completely sure.

Of course, my dad had me help him on his route too – and I can still remember delivering in the middle of winter down windy Bronson Avenue. I am not sure how we survived that cold.

Here is a recent photo of my dad. I also include a photo of my wife Toshimi, our son Noah, daughter Sena, and me at New Year’s here in Tokyo.

Roger Wright.




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