Eco-cat booklet sales surge


Supporting St. Matthew’s Green Team

By Margret Brady Nankivell

An interview on CBC national radio of Miss Jessie, a feline member of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, has boosted sales of her eco-cat advice booklet, A Guide for Cats Who Care. 

The book sells for $10, and revenues help fund St. Matthew’s Green Team initiatives. Jessie has already raised enough money to buy and install a reverse-osmosis water treatment system for St. Thomas Anglican Church in Moose Factory, Ontario. The new system, ordered for the parish hall of St. Matthew’s partner church, will save on the use of plastic bottles there.

The 18-year-old calico and accomplished feline writer (yes, she does need help with a human keyboard) was nominated as a climate champion on the popular CBC radio show on environmental issues What on Earth with Laura Lynch. Jessie was interviewed by the show’s producer Rachel Sanders in a final segment of the one-hour program, and she meowed on cue nicely.

Jessie says she enjoyed the experience, especially because before the interview she was given a pinch of locally sourced catnip to steady her nerves.

Copies of the booklet are sold through St. Matthew’s online Treasures Boutique and were on display at the church’s recent Earth Day celebration and lunch. Sales so far total $600.

Jessie hopes the publication will inspire eco-cat activism across Canada and is pleased that she has several new “paw pals.” These include Callie in Courtenay, B.C. (who suggested the term paw pals), Haddie in Chateauguay, Quebec and Pickles in Kitchener, Ontario.

The booklet includes a dozen tips for ways cats can help conserve the environment, such as drinking from natural water sources like rain puddles, avoiding car travel and reducing food waste. Dogs can learn some lessons from the booklet too.

Her other publications include Cat Tips in Covid Times, A Cat’s Christmas in Covid Times and Jessie’s Favourite Recipes. Proceeds from all sales go to St. Matthew’s outreach projects.

The success of the eco-cat booklet, however, has been Jessie’s big breakthrough. As one reader emailed, it has been “a CATegorical success.”

Note: Jessie has been blessed several times at St. Matthew’s Blessing of the Animals service, including when she was just a little kitten.


Margret Brady Nankivell is a long-time member of the St. Matthew’s congregation.

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