Fifth-Clegg Canal footbridge update

Modifications to the Canal footbridge design include an enlarged viewing area on the Glebe side, restoration of the lily pond and smoothing the slopes on the Glebe-side ramp.
Graphic: City of Ottawa

News of recent progress on the Canal footbridge came in late May from Councillor David Chernushenko’s office. Here are some highlights.

The City has continued to work through the preliminary design for the new Fifth-Clegg Canal footbridge.

Comments from the open house and federal partners are being considered and incorporated into the design wherever possible. They include:

  • Smoothing the slopes on the Glebe side,
  • Additional measures to beautify and restore the lily pond on the Glebe side,
  • A larger rest and viewing area at the Glebe side, and
  • Preserving the oak tree and enhancing the public space with a plaza on the Old Ottawa East side.

Work is continuing on options for shared space for pedestrians and cyclists on the bridge, including the potential to widen the bridge.

City staff have now determined through the preliminary design work that construction of the bridge could begin as early as late fall 2017, after the Canal has been drained, should funding from other levels of government become available.

In addition, geotechnical field investigations and analysis for the foundations have been completed.

Upcoming activities:

  • Preliminary design is anticipated to be complete in mid-2016.
  • Some small pits will be dug in June on both the east and west sides of the Rideau Canal (at Fifth and at Clegg) as part of the archaeological assessment of the area. This is being coordinated with the NCC.
  • The City continues to consult with the NCC and Parks Canada on bridge design modifications, protection of the Canal during construction and overall restoration of the area.

Further updates will be provided to the community once the preliminary design is complete.

The councillor’s office continues to pursue the feasibility of stairs at the northern ends of the ramps on both the Glebe and Old Ottawa East sides.

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