Glad Cleaning the Capital 2017 and Glebe Parks Committee update

39 Sutherland, Zoe table onlyAp 2017 Glebe Parks Clean Up

by Zoë Sutherland

In Canada’s 150th year, the 24th annual campaign to clean the capital title sponsor is Glad, the major sponsor is The Haunted Walk and contributing sponsor is “1-800-GOT-JUNK?” There are also many supporting sponsors.

To take part in the initiative, registration is important. This allows city staff to distribute the correct amount of cleaning supplies (gloves, bags, graffiti removal kits, etc.), monitor the areas being cleaned and recognize volunteer work. All park cleanups listed in the table have been registered with the city by the lead volunteer.

Registration for the initiative has already begun and runs until May 15. Glebe park cleanups will take place between April 15 and May 15. The Capital Cleanup Weekend takes 
place from Friday April 28 to Sunday April 30 inclusive. What happens during this weekend?

Capital Cleanup Weekend is a three-day period during the Cleaning the Capital campaign when many of our councillors and generous sponsors visit cleanup projects throughout the city to thank volunteers and hand out extra prizes!

Snow is beginning to melt revealing an abundance of various items. What exactly do we do with them at the cleanup?

Graffiti – removal packs can be provided by the city and may be used on the public areas within your project area that are affected.

Litter – cigarette butts cannot be recycled and do not biodegrade (they take up to 12 years to break down.) Cups, wrappers, bags, plastic items or items that have been dumped should be removed.

Glass – intact bottles, jars or similar items can be placed in a recycle bin. Broken glass should be handled with care by an adult. Taking a bucket, used tin can or jar along to put the pieces in is the safest way to transport pieces 
of glass and contain them in the recycle bin.

CleaningOttawa’s green spaces are not the only focus of the campaign. Our city has over 4,500 km of shoreline, just counting streams and rivers. As 
part of the Glad Cleaning the Capital campaign you can also join a “Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.” 
Visit the web address above for more information.

Volunteers who make up the Glebe Parks Committee (GPC) welcome anyone who would like to take part and help out with any of the park cleanups listed in the table.

Glebe Parks Committee update

Tree planting

The Glebe Parks Committee is assessing the need for trees in all Glebe parks. Tree planting in the parks is part of a greater movement in the Glebe to see 150 trees planted in commemoration of Canada’s birthday. We are working in cooperation with the City of Ottawa to identify areas that are in need 
of trees. Coordinated by Connie Boynton.

Canoe and kayak launches

Good news for Glebe canoers and kayakers! Parks Canada will be bringing back the Rideau Canal access points at Patterson’s Creek and Clegg Avenue this summer. They will be put in place in May. The Parks Committee of the Glebe Community Association is looking into requesting that more access points be added to make getting on the water even easier. Feel free to get in touch if you have suggestions as to where they should go! Email 
Coordinated by Laura Smith.

Looking forward

Ecology Ottawa will host the Ottawa Parks Summit on Saturday, April 22, 2017 (Earth Day), which aims to bring together related organizations to share information and knowledge with a view to generating ideas and building momentum toward improving our city parks.

The GCA will coordinate the reinstallation of the “parklets” in the same locations as 2016 at Bank and Third Avenue, and Bank and Second Avenue. A timeline is yet to be arranged but will hopefully take place before Mother’s Day (May 14).

Zoë Sutherland is a member of the Glebe Parks Committee.

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