Glebe Collegiate copes and celebrates

Glebe Collegiate Institute is in full pandemic mode, trying to make the school experience enjoyable for students and planning for a grand celebration of its 100th anniversary in May 2022.   Photo: Liz McKeen

By Connie Boynton

Glebe Collegiate Institute has started its second quadmester in this new system created to manage COVID-19. Academics are proceeding as well as can be expected under the circumstances, although the students are missing some of their extra-curricular activities. Teachers and staff are working extremely hard to meet the new guidelines – they are going above and beyond their normal duties.

A few issues have arisen along with some solutions.

New Grade 9 students are finding it difficult to make friends, meet people and join groups in this new environment. Some parents have resurrected the Grade 9 Parent Network as a forum for parents to discuss problems and find solutions for their children to feel more integrated into their first year at high school. An initial idea is holding a few small outdoor meetups with pizza. The online forum will continue to support parents and families to share information about resources and activities in the community that are appropriate for Grade 9s.

Another issue is the Grade 12 graduation at the end of the school year. With the support of the school, some parents are preparing alternative plans for a memorable graduation if students are not able to celebrate in the usual manner.

If you are interested in either of these initiatives, you can send an email to school council at Glebe CI has an active school council. If you have other concerns or interests you would like to share, please consider attending one of the online monthly meetings.

Glebe 100

Planning has resumed for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Glebe Collegiate in 2022-23. After community consultation, the date has been set for May 13-15, 2022. Mark your calendars!

The Glebe 100 planning committee is looking for interested Glebe students and alumni to join the committee to help plan the celebration. School clubs are also encouraged to submit ideas.

Glebe 100 needs a logo! We will be running a contest for students, staff and alumni to create a great design for the event.

If you would like to know more or be involved with Glebe 100, please email

Connie Boynton is a member of the Glebe Collegiate Institute school council.

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