Glebe Spree winner crowned with $10K neighbourhood shopping spree

This year’s Glebe Spree grand-prize winner of $10,000 in Glebe spending money is Amin Habib of Metcalfe, who regularly shops in the Glebe.   Photo: Trevor Greenway

By Trevor Greenway

Amin Habib will likely be spending a lot more time in the Glebe this summer.

Why wouldn’t he, now that he’s got a cool, crisp 10 grand in his pocket for winning 2020’s Glebe Spree contest? The Metcalfe resident dropped off his ballot at Whole Foods and was shocked to get the call to tell him that he had won a $10,000 shopping spree in the Glebe.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing,” said Habib as he posed with the giant Glebe Spree cheque. “This money is much needed right now.”

Amin and his wife have been shopping in the Glebe for several years, making the 30-minute drive from Metcalfe to shop for essentials almost weekly. When they’re here, they always make a day of it, with stops at Sporting Life or Kunstadt Sports for gear, lunch at Feleena’s, Chickpeas or Mad Radish and browsing for new clothing at Viens Avec Moi Boutique.

“If we’re going to get shoes or stuff for our daughter, we are down shopping in the Glebe area,” adds Habib. “It’s one of the best places to come and shop and walk around with all the shops so close together. We will certainly be drawn to the Glebe area a lot more and are excited to be giving back to the local businesses and exploring many more stores.”

For those who didn’t win this year, Habib has some words of wisdom.

“I truly believe that when someone sets their intention to something, it can and will be achieved,” he says. “Wishes do come true when you set your focus and positive mental energy into a specific direction consistently. I wish clarity of mind to everyone who truly wants it.”

While the 2020 version of Glebe Spree had to be adapted to adhere to local health guidelines to keep shoppers, businesses and employees safe during the pandemic, that good old Glebe Spree spirit was still felt along Bank Street during the holidays. While an official ballot count is not yet available, the mini mountain of entries proves that Glebe Spree was yet again another successful shop-local campaign that not only gave merchants a boost when they needed it the most but also rewarded their best customers.

“Glebe Spree has grown in popularity virtually every year since its inception and has become a part of neighbourhood holiday shopping experience,” says Glebe BIA executive director Andrew Peck. “The underlying purpose of the contest is to encourage local shopping and never before has this message been more important. We are extremely grateful to all our businesses for their ongoing strength and resilience and to all the patrons who support them.”

Now in its ninth year, the numbers show just how beneficial Glebe Spree is to small businesses in the Glebe. The contest can be credited for millions in local spending since its inception. This year’s contest featured 24 Any Day Prizes worth $100 each, a $2,500 early bird-prize won by local resident Morag MacDonald and the grand-prize $10,000 shopping spree; winnings that must be spent in the neighbourhood.

The award-winning promotion would not be possible without the continued support of McKeen Metro Glebe, which has contributed as a main sponsor since the beginning of the contest. The success of Glebe Spree over the years is also due to ongoing support of local merchants, their hard-working staff and their dedicated customers who make the Glebe a great place to shop, work, eat and play.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and we will see you out there with your Glebe Spree passports in November.

Trevor Greenway is responsible for communications and membership at the Glebe BIA (Business Improvement Area)

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