Glebe-St James Memorial Tree

A tree at Glebe-St James church honours those in Ottawa who have died from COVID-19.
It has a ribbon for each victim.

By Teresa Burnett-Cole

Glebe-St. James United Church has established a COVID-19 Memorial Tree outside its Lyon Street entrance. A two-foot ribbon hangs in the tree for every patient who has died in Ottawa. At this writing, the tree has 323 ribbons; more are being added for each new victim for as long as the pandemic continues.

November 1, All Saints’ Day in the Christian tradition, is a day we remember those who have gone before us. This year, with the pandemic in mind, we wanted to remember those who have died from COVID-19. Not only does each ribbon mark a lost life but also a family, friends, neighbours and caregivers who also grieve the loss.

People walking by are indeed stopping, looking and pausing to reflect.

Reverend Teresa A. Burnett-Cole is coordinating minister at Glebe-St. James United Church.

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