Guinea pigs sue Into-it Tax Services and PetFile!


A class action suit has been launched by Glebe guinea pigs against Into-it Tax Services, a best-selling tax preparation software, and PetFile, the Glebe government’s electronic tax-filing service.

“It’s false advertising!” claimed Bob, who said his experience was far from enjoyable. “Into-it advertises that they are really into it, but they’re not! The software was rude, unhelpful, and callous throughout the whole preparation. I felt I wasn’t heard or supported. No treats or words of encouragement – ever.”

Indeed, many using Into-it and PetFile have complained to the Corpulent Revenue Agency (CRA) stating that the Glebe government should not allow Into-it to charge and should improve oversight of PetFile to ensure a pleasant experience for taxpayers; in particular, refunds and inclusive language. “I almost could not eat my dinner,” exclaimed Job, Bob’s long-time partner. “PetFile is humiliating and rodentist! I don’t identify as a pet! A pet?!? I am my own rodent!”

According to the Rodents Against Taxes (RAT) advocacy group, the main complaint is that guinea pigs using Into-it and PetFile ultimately did not receive a refund. “A number of rodents reported that the math programming was just wrong, calculating an amount owed instead of a return,” stated RAT president Antee Pecuniary, adding that in some cases it was in the tens of dollars, an exorbitant amount that no rodent would ever have.

The Glebe government refused to comment on the class action suit, but did release this statement: “Our new tax cuts for corporations will help all, as benefits trickle down not just to dogs and cats, but also squirrels and guinea pigs.” They also added that they have no affiliation with Into-it Tax Service, noting that the only government sanctioned tax preparation service is Turbulent Tax.

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