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Danielle Gauthier, co-owner of Hair on Second Avenue, a new hair salon in the Glebe. Photos: Michael Abbey

by Michael Abbey

Hair on Second Avenue is a recent addition to the Glebe neighbourhood, on Second Avenue just west of Bank. The salon has been open four months and is already well entrenched in the area. Danielle Gauthier and France Huppé are seasoned stylists and businesswomen who run the show. Gauthier, with whom I met, has been in the field for 10 plus years, as has Huppé who owned her own salon for a while.

The storefront is on street level; however, one climbs several stairs to where a mix of black and white awaits you on the second floor. Everything about the interior is welcoming. It’s a warm, small, yet appropriately sized salon, with a homey feel, according to clients who interact and chat with one another. The environment is simple and, at first impression, brings to mind a well-known theme in interior design: less is more. A handful of big windows allow natural light into a warm interior, with the usual assortment of salon wares simply displayed for the clientele. I am sure many regulars find that refreshing as compared to an environment where each stylist/chair is in their own silo.

Gauthier is pleased with the uptake of the business during their first few months. Why the Glebe? “I just love it. The Glebe is its own small-town community; everybody walks around and supports local,” mentioned Gauthier during our chat. Their clientele is their best marketing vehicle. “They tell their friends.” They are busy, but “it’s manageable; we have already brought on another stylist.”

Hair on Second Avenue still has room to grow in their cozy location. At the outset, this being Gauthier’s first venture into ownership, she did not know what to expect. Walk-ins are encouraged on a first-come first-served basis; the owners estimate the wait time and it goes from there. Huppé’s business experience is in the Glebe, so this milieu is nothing new to her. I got the impression that Hair on Second Avenue is all about staying power through establishing relationships and bonding professionally with new and repeat clients.

The website is reminiscent of the décor of the salon. It is hosted on WordPress, a solution that offers a simple yet professional look for small businesses such as Hair on Second Avenue. Clients can book online on the website.

Gauthier agreed the city has done a fine job providing ample parking for business customers, especially since the parking garage went up between Second and Third Avenues.

They offer all colour services and stay current through hands-on training. Hair on Second Avenue is committed to staying “ahead of the wave.” Based on Gauthier’s obvious enthusiasm, I am sure she and Huppé will keep pace with trends. For example, Gauthier mentioned balayage during our chat, which is where hair becomes a canvas for freehand colour application going beyond the traditional foil or cap approach. If I were to venture into Hair on Second Avenue for a hair treatment, I am sure I would leave with one of my favourite French words on the tip of my tongue: enchanté. While their client base is mainly female, they cater as well to men and children.

Michael Abbey is a retired high-tech professional and bridge enthusiast who has written about software and now writes the Business Buzz column for the Glebe Report. He can be reached at or @Prefer-Majors on Twitter.


Hair on Second Avenue
166 Second Avenue

Sunday, Monday: closed
Tuesday, Wednesday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Thursday, Friday: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

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