Healthy aging – time for innovation

By Carolyn Inch

October’s Glebe Report carried an article describing an event in a park in Old Ottawa South at which the concept of a Seniors Health Innovations Hub (SHIH) was introduced to about 80 residents of central Ottawa, including representatives from six allied communities and service providers.

This month, the publication “Your Guide to Healthy Aging in the Community,” detailing the SHIH on page 15, has been inserted into the Glebe Report. The publication was made possible by a New Horizons for Seniors grant that was awarded to further the progress of the SHIH as well as to inform older adults of local services. It was distributed in Old Ottawa South in October and will be distributed in Old Ottawa East in December. It will also be made available on newsstands and community sites in Heron Park and Alta Vista.

Our vision is of a non-profit corporation working toward healthy aging in central Ottawa communities. We would like to test innovative concepts that have been proposed by experts nationally and internationally to enhance the ability of seniors to stay in their homes and communities. At the same time, we want to measure the impact of these innovations not only on the quality of life of our residents but on the efficiency of service provision. To date, we have gathered support from political, social, academic and business interests, and we are ready to develop a structure designed to implement those innovations.
Policy makers and academics recognize the value of having access to a community of committed older adults with a background on the services required and outreach capability. A couple of grants have allowed us to accelerate our progress in the areas of education, primary care, technological innovations and housing.

What is needed now is the synergy of individuals with vision from all age groups and professions coming together to develop a board and advisory committee. We have an abundance of talented people in central Ottawa and believe that offering a structure to organize that talent will bear fruit for our generation and for our children.

Further details on the SHIH are available on the Old Ottawa South Community Association website ( Look under Committees – Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) and click on the SHIH logo on the page.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, please contact us at or by scanning the QR code on your cell phone camera.

Carolyn Inch is a resident of Old Ottawa South, a grateful recipient of a New Horizons Grant and ever the optimist about the success of the venture!

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