InStep Health offers one-on-one wellness

Emilie Paradis (left) and Dany Lapointe are co-owners of the new Glebe health and fitness studio InStep Health.   Photos: Courtesy of InStep

InStep offers holistic nutrition and personal training services, along with…‘the best smoothies in town’.

By Marie Briscoe

InStep Health is a new wellness studio in the Glebe, which opened on June 30, 2021. It is tucked away on the second floor of 738A Bank Street, so you may not have noticed this new neighbour yet.

InStep Health on the second floor at 738A Bank offers private workouts and a great smoothie bar.

InStep offers holistic nutrition and personal training services, along with what co-owner Dany Lapointe says are “the best smoothies in town.” Their sessions are one-on-one or for a couple. Their objective is to customize the sessions to match the person’s life stage, needs and goals. They will help create a progressive, healthy and personalized nutrition or fitness plan for you.

Co-owners Dany Lapointe and Emilie Paradis first met when Lapointe went for fitness coaching with Paradis. They became good friends and in 2018 decided to make their idea for a business a reality. Their first studio was in the basement of Paradis’s house. In hopes of raising visibility, they signed a one-year lease for office space in a gym in Gatineau. Unfortunately, six months into the lease the pandemic began and like many businesses they took a financial hit. They decided not to renew the lease there and took some time to refocus.

The pandemic obviously created challenges, but it also reaffirmed to them how important maintaining our health is. They did not feel that the type of services they offered belonged in a big gym setting and also wanted to relocate to Ottawa. When they heard of and then visited an available spot in the Glebe they fell in love with both the space and the neighbourhood. They decided to take a leap of faith and sign the lease, then use their savings to renovate. As they said, “It is such a beautiful community, and everyone is so friendly. We noticed the first week when we started to renovate how welcoming and helpful everyone is. It was much appreciated.”

This is basically a two-woman business although they hope to hire other employees in the future. Paradis has over 20 years’ experience working as a personal trainer and is one of the few coaches certified to teach Stick Mobility in the Ottawa region. Stick Mobility is a training system that improves your flexibility, strength and coordination. It is very popular in the United States with professional athletes, especially pro golfers, as it can improve your range of motion and motor control. Paradis is also certified in Holistic Nutrition and provides the expertise in health, fitness and nutrition.

Lapointe served in the military for over 11 years, then worked in government for another 20 years. She provides administrative and financial skills and manages social media.

When asked what distinguishes InStep from other places that offer personal trainers and nutrition advice, Lapointe said that their holistic approach to nutrition and fitness will result in lasting changes. The Stick Mobility is also unique. “We blend various approaches with a diversity of exercises to create a balanced structure of training. We help you find the optimal plan for optimal health. All sessions are one-on-one or for a couple.”

InStep offers a private workout space, and along with Stick Mobility has a variety of traditional gym equipment. They are also proud of their smoothie bar and invite people to drop by and try one. They occasionally take samples down to street level and have met quite a few people this way.

There are two promotions available as part of their opening. Until August 31, 2021, they have a 2-for-1 special: buy 10 personal training sessions and bring a friend for free. They also have a contest that runs until the same date and you can win a three-month transformation program and coaching (value of $1,767). This includes nutrition coaching and personal training.

They will be starting a series of podcasts near the end of August and will post information as it becomes available.

You can check out their website at (the .ca is important), follow them on Instagram @instephealth or call 819-500-3133.

You can also drop by to say hello to Lapointe or Paradis, chat about their services or grab a smoothie!

Marie Briscoe is a long-time Glebe resident and graduate of Carleton University. She is retired from the public service.

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