Jane’s Walk postponed to September

A Jane’s Walk leader points out little-known features of Montreal Road. Photo: Jane’s Walk Ottawa-Gatineau

Alternative walks to be shared this spring

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local Jane’s Walk festival of walking tours will be postponed from the first weekend of May until September 12–13. In the meantime, the group will be offering new ways to explore our communities while respecting physical distancing.

The essence of Jane’s Walk – connecting people and their communities – is more important now than ever before. While people must stay apart physically, Jane’s Walk Ottawa-Gatineau hopes to create ways to connect and support each other through this isolating time.

Whether that is a virtual walking tour, a photo essay of a tour route, a scavenger hunt or another innovative idea, organizers hope to provide an array of alternative “walks” throughout the spring on janeswalkottawa.ca. Walk leaders and new volunteers are encouraged to flex their creativity and help create connections by dreaming up a new way for people to experience a walking tour. Have an idea? Get in touch by emailing jane@janeswalkottawa.ca.

Jane’s Walk improves urban literacy by offering insights into planning, design, local history and civic engagement by walking, observing and discussing. Last year, 3,000 people joined this sidewalk ballet, a festival featuring dozens of walking tours in celebration of the ideas of late author, urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs. She changed how we design and think about cities by promoting community vitality and a neighbourly street life. The festival normally takes place on the first weekend in May to mark Jane’s birthday on May 4, 1916.

In its 12th year, Jane’s Walk Ottawa-Gatineau hopes to offer more than 60 different walking tours in September. Mark your calendars and, in the meantime, get creative and dream up a “walk” in a new format to share online!

To get updates on the festival, visit our website janeswalkottawa.ca, and follow Jane’s Walk Ottawa-Gatineau on Facebook, Twitter (@JanesWalkOtt) and Instagram (@JanesWalkOttawa).

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