Jazz up your charcuterie board

One of the many cheeses at Nicastro’s (as shown by Keith) to grace your charcuterie board

By Tim O’Connor

A mate came up to me the other day, said what a wonderful charcuterie board his mother had made for Thanksgiving and asked if I like charcuterie.

Who doesn’t like charcuterie? All those cheeses and cold meats, crackers or crostini are classic and irresistible. While you’ll probably buy those ingredients – if you’re making your own cheeses and cold cuts, I salute you – you can be the star of the board by making your own sides.

I’m sharing recipes for four sides with you – pickled onions, blueberry compote,   apple chutney, and lemon curd. These provide a variety of flavours to complement the cheese and meat, and they visually jazz up your board with bright colours.

It’s the perfect time of year for this kind of thing, because we’re near the glorious point where Nicastro’s in the Glebe stuffs its massive fridge up to your chin with cheeses from around the world. That fridge bursting with cheeses is the best part of the season in my world. I go weekly to get as much cheese in me as possible.

Nicastro’s also has exquisite artisan meats, so ask for my friend Mickey and he’ll fill your board with delicious things. Try not to eat them all before you’ve made your sides.

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