Kids, help stop pollution from car idling!

By Jennifer Humphries

Earth Day 2021 is on April 22. It’s a day to reflect on what our planet means to us and gives to us. It’s also a day to consider what we need to do to make sure our planet can sustain the lives of our children and their children and more generations to come.

The Glebe Community Association’s Environment Committee, through our anti-idling subcommittee, hopes to raise awareness of a key aspect of planetary health right here in the Glebe – the air we breathe.

In particular, we hope to make the air around schools cleaner by discouraging motor vehicle idling.

To do this, we’re excited to announce the Glebe Schools Poster Design Competition. We invite Grade 3 to 6 students at Glebe schools to design posters conveying messages such as:

  • Our School is Idle-Free
  • Idle-Free School Zone: Kids at Work!
  • Breathing in progress: Stop your engine when you’re not moving
  • Stop a block away, park and walk: Make our School Safe!
  • Kids Zone: No idling please
  • Turn off your engine: keep our air clean
  • Not moving? Turn it off.

For more information on the competition, see

Jennifer Humphries is co-chair of the Glebe Community Association’s Environment Committee and co-chair of the Glebe Report board. You can contact her at

Kids, help stop pollution from car idling!

Glebe Schools Poster Design Competition

Kids in Grades 3 to 6: Get out your pencils, markers and crayons!

What: A design competition for posters that discourage vehicle idling

Why: Idling is bad for the environment and human health, especially children’s health

Who: Students in Grades 3 to 6 at all Glebe schools

Who else: Parents, principals and teachers, please encourage your children to participate

When: Deadline to submit poster designs is May 14; winning designs will be announced by May 28.

How: Competition guidelines and rules at; questions to

Where: Your school!

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