La Casita Nica, a hidden treasure

By Margaret Lavictoire

Strolling down Bank Street, I saw a hand-lettered sign for empanadas, pupusas, chili con carne and ox tail soup. Curious, I walked into Chingadero Mexican Market to find out more.

I received a warm welcome from Luvy Gonzalez, whose love of good food led her to open La Casita Nica. A software architect by profession, Gonzalez and her mother bring generational skills in preparing authentic, fresh and affordable Latin American dishes. Their wares are now available at 740 Bank inside the Chingadero’s.

The takeout menu includes nacatamale, a signature dish from her home country of Nicaragua – corn meal and rice topped with meat and vegetables, steamed in a banana leaf. Other quick and tasty meals include empanadas, pupusas, tamales and enchiladas. Stews, chilis and soups round out the delicious offerings. Vegetarian options are available.

Gonzalez, her husband Justin Cooney and daughter Isabella live in the Glebe. Said Gonzalez, “We are excited to serve the Glebe and all who find us. Thumbs up for good food!”

She is also quick to thank Emilio Escobedo, owner of Chingadero Mexican Market, Margarita Restaurant and Mona’s Taqueria for his support of this new business.

The menu changes daily. See for menu items or contact Gonzalez at 613-617-8253 or to see what has been made fresh each day. Gonzalez also offers custom cooking if you have a recipe you would like her to prepare for you.

La Casita Nica is open daily 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 740 Bank Street inside Chingadero Mexican Market.

Margaret Lavictoire is a Glebe resident and appreciator of good food.

Luvy Gonzalez of La Casita Nica offers authentic Latin American takeout dishes from her corner of Chingadero Mexican Market at 740 Bank.

Photos: Margaret Lavictoire

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