Let’s celebrate our 50th

A message from the chair of the Glebe Report 50th Anniversary Committee, Beatrice Kelleher-Raffoul, and from board co-chairs, Shabana Ansari and Jennifer Humphries

It is always about the people, the people of this community who have volunteered to ensure that for five decades, the Glebe Report has been one of the most successful community newspapers in the region.

This is truly something to celebrate.

We want to thank all the volunteers who have given their time, enthusiasm and expertise to create, produce and distribute our newspaper for half a century. And we thank the dedicated group of people from across our community who continue to do so.

In this year’s issues, we will re-introduce to you a number of members of the teams who, over the decades, have made the Glebe Report happen. Many people have served as editors, copy editors, layout designers, proofreaders, advertising managers, business managers, social media coordinators, contributors, distributors, area captains, deliverers and more. You may know some of these people as neighbours or as fellow participants at events. No doubt you’ve seen many of them shopping at our local businesses, whose owners and managers we deeply appreciate for their unwavering support over these five decades.

As we embark on our next decade, we ask members of the Glebe, Glebe Annex and Dow’s Lake to join us in ensuring that our first-class newspaper remains relevant to our community. Join our board. Contribute to the news of our community. Volunteer, giving a few hours or many – every bit counts!

We are looking forward to launching a new website, expanding our online presence and social media reach. More to follow soon.

A 50th anniversary demands a party, and we invite you to join in. Our official “birthday” is in June, but we’ll be celebrating all year long!

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