Letters to the Editor


The Kindness of strangers

Editor, Glebe Report

On Thursday April 25, I had a bad fall on an uneven sidewalk on Second Avenue.

I am a senior and was bleeding quite profusely from my temple. I’d like to thank Gavin and Janet who came to my aid. They invited me into their home, helped wash the blood from my face and hand and provided a sturdy Band-Aid.

Gavin insisted that he drive me to the restaurant where I was meeting my husband and assisted me in and out of his car.

The kindness of strangers saved me. There are angels in our midst.

Jenny Doyle


My green bin is not for your dog poop

Editor, Glebe Report

Who do our bins belong to? The homeowner or the city which is responsible for picking them up? Some dog owners feel they have a license to deposit their little bags of dog poop anywhere. On pick-up day, we’ve tolerated a certain amount of foreign litter being deposited in our boxes, unless it’s offensive, like food containers still with uneaten food or a beer can that was full of something not beer.

This morning, a Wednesday, I found one of those dog poop bags in my green bin. Come on, dog owner, why should I have to deal with your dog poop? It’s bad enough that several dogs wander through my garden off leash because we have a back lane and, more than once, we have cleaned up that mess too. I love dogs, I don’t love their mess on my property. Please be a responsible dog owner and take home and dispose of your dog’s waste.

Jeanette Rive


Glebe concerns still
(letter from April 2024 Glebe Report, revised and with corrected name)

Editor, Glebe Report 

My questions are still timely and relevant.

  1. When might the lights of the Moving Surface sculpture on the berm at Lansdowne be in operation again? They have been off since March 20 and the Capital Ward Councillor’ s office has not responded with updates as yet.
  2. When might the Glebe Apothecary be reopened? And will the Glebe Metro open its bakery and deli section?

Dr. Denis Caro

Long-term and proud resident of the Glebe

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