Mr Puffs’ Greek treats a crowd-pleaser  

By Anne-Marie Iemmolo

The latest dessert craze to hit Lansdowne Park is Mr. Puffs, a pastry shop featuring a classic Greek dessert that can be garnished with an endless variety of toppings.

It is located on the corner of Marché Way and Paul Askin Way, just across from Winners and Sporting Life. The bright orange logo and inviting atmosphere have attracted customers from throughout the community.

The shop is known for its specialty puffs. The puffs or “loukoumades” are a traditional dessert in Greek culture. The name says it all. The puffs are about the size of a golf ball. Customers can choose how many puffs they’d like and the kind of toppings they’d like to try.

“It’s like lighter than a regular donut, and it’s much crispier on the outside, which is what kind of makes them special,” explained Emma White, a team leader who has worked at the shop since it first opened at the beginning of the year.

The yeast-based dough is made and fried in-house. The dough is vegan and peanut-free. In Greece, the puffs are traditionally topped with honey, but at Mr. Puffs, the toppings are endless. Customers can choose from a variety of toppings and flavours like maple syrup or Bueno, a flavour inspired by Bueno Kinder bars. The puffs can also be served with a dollop of Greek yogurt or English cream.

The menu also features other beverages and delicacies. Some are rooted in Greek cuisine, while others are sweet staples like milkshakes and ice cream.

Mr. Puffs opened amidst another wave of COVID-19. Finding staff, marketing and promoting the brand were some of the many challenges at the start. But White noted that the community was extremely welcoming and helped support the business as it launched.

“We have gotten lots of support from the local community, and they’re all excited to have something new in the neighbourhood,” said White.

The first Mr. Puffs location was opened in Montréal by founder Billy Siounis. As business began to thrive, Siounis started to expand, opening multiple locations across Canada. There are 25 stores across the country, including one in Gatineau, but the Lansdowne location is the first in Ontario.

Quality customer service is one of the many important elements at Mr. Puffs.

“I like to see them smile,” said Prince Komahan, the store manager. “The word gets passed through, you know, by people, that there is good customer service here and that we’re friendly types.”

He explained that making memorable experiences for customers has helped the store establish itself in Ottawa. The Lansdowne location has also helped introduce Mr. Puffs to a variety of new customers – with the Redblacks, 67s and Ottawa Atletico all playing there, the shop hopes the influx of sports fans will produce new fans of its desserts.

Komahan says staff are now preparing to release their summer menu, filled with fresh, new treats for customers to enjoy. As employees prepare for a busy summer season, they continue to find ways to expand their reach.

“We’ve gotten quite a few orders on Uber Eats,” says White. “And we’ve recently just started on Skip The Dishes as well. And we’re also available on DoorDash.”

Customers can head to for more information on store locations, hours and nutritional facts.

Anne-Marie Iemmolo is a third-year journalism student at Carleton University.

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