Mutchmor trees – a lasting gift

Four trees cut down on Third Avenue beside Corpus Christi school have yet to be replaced.

By Della Wilkinson

Students at Mutchmor Public School were entertained during recess on November 19 by the planting of nine new trees along the school playing field on Fourth Avenue. Three large canopy trees – an American elm, a red ash and a Norway maple – previously occupied this strip of land, as shown on the City of Ottawa’s tree inventory (open., but they were all cut down over the past decade, leaving the adjacent playing field fully exposed to the sun.

Most Glebe residents believe the city’s forestry services will automatically replant trees on city-owned land, but this is not the case. These new trees arrived thanks to a tree-loving Glebe resident – who prefers to remain anonymous – who applied to the city’s tree programs by calling 311 to request that new trees be planted. This summer, forestry services approved a plan to plant nine trees – three Freeman maples, three hackberries (honey locusts were substituted in the end), two ginkgoes and a Japanese lilac.

Nine replacement trees were planted beside the Mutchmor field. Photos: Della Wilkinson

These trees will be hugely beneficial to Mutchmor students and others who use the playing field by providing shade and helping to mitigate the urban heat-island effect. Over their lifetime, if they grow to maturity, the nine trees have the ability to sequester up to 3,500 kilograms of carbon dioxide in addition to improving air quality by removing airborne pollution. They will also absorb rainfall to alleviate storm runoff.

Residents of Fourth Avenue first noticed something happening when mysterious circles with letters inside appeared on the ground. Several weeks later, trees were placed next to each circle and shortly after, a contractor planted the trees. They are on the forestry services watering route for next year, but residents of Fourth Avenue have already expressed a desire to nurture their new neighbours should they appear stressed. Glebe dog owners can help by ensuring their pets do not pee on the bark of these saplings as this can enable ants and insects to invade and weaken a tree (see Glebe Report, November 2019

Sadly, four trees were cut down at the same time outside Corpus Christi School on Third Avenue. Residents were quick to inform the Glebe Community Association Environment Committee of this loss. The committee has applied to the City for new plantings next spring.

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City of Ottawa forestry service plan for tree planting on Fourth Avenue

For information on the City of Ottawa tree planting programs, Click here!.

Della Wilkinson is chair of the Glebe Community Association Environment Committee and a member of the Tree Team which is engaged in the Glebe Neighbourhood Canopy Regeneration Project. The team aims to assist residents to identify great planting spots on their property and in the community, with the goal of ensuring a leafy green canopy for the Glebe’s future.

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