Ottawa Centre candidates in the June 7 provincial election

A provincial election will be held on Thursday, June 7. You are eligible to vote if you are 18 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen and a resident of Ontario. Go to for information on the upcoming election, how and where to vote, etc.

Here are statements from the candidates running (six at time of press) to become the Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa Centre.

At press time, the Glebe Report had not received information from a sixth Ottawa Centre provincial election candidate, Bruce Faulkner of the Ontario Libertarian Party.

Photo: Courtesy of the candidate
Photo: Courtesy of the candidate

Marc Adornato

None of the Above Party

Hi, my name is Marc with the None Of The Above Party and I do realize I have little to no chance of winning.

I’m not rich. Nor do I have any rich friends or corporate sponsors funding my campaign. Heck, I’m not even a politician. But I chose to run for two reasons.

  1. I’ve always felt that there should be a None Of The Above option on the ballot. (Mission accomplished.)
  2. I like solving problems. Here are some challenges I’d like to try and fix:
  • Real electoral reform (proportional representation).
  • End daylight savings time.
  • Eliminate hospital parking fees for patients and their drivers.
  • Churches will finally start paying taxes like everyone else – because it’s 2018.
  • Make a monument to the real Jack Purcell.
  • Introduce an anonymous “government stupid spending” tip-line to report wasteful spending.
  • $7/day childcare, just like Quebec.
  • Allow beer in grocery and corner stores, just like Quebec.
  • Allow open alcohol containers and cannabis smoking in parks, along the rivers and canals (end the nanny state).
  • Put a solid Sparks Street “red light district” revitalization plan to a referendum (more on my website).
  • Ban wasteful single-use plastics (straws, stir sticks, plastic bags, packaging, utensils, tiny cups).
  • Fix Hydro One.
  • Limit all government contracts to five years with options to renew (to avoid a 20-year green bin contract with Orgaworld).
  • Change insolvency and bankruptcy laws so that companies like Nortel and Sears can no longer cut and run on their Canadian employees.
  • Teach kids about taxes, money management, alternative political systems and fundamental problems with capitalism, materialism, consumerism and why prioritizing profit over people’s health, privacy and well-being is bad for society.

But that’s not all! Go see my website to learn more about my platform: If you’re tired of the same old partisan politics and refuse to support the status quo, consider voting None Of The Above and together we can start building a healthier democracy that helps everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

Photo: The Review/Louise Sproule
Photo: The Review/Louise Sproule

Joel Harden

New Democratic Party of Ontario

I’ve lived in Ottawa since 2007. I’m a dad, an educator and a community organizer. Like most of you, I’m tired of politics as usual. All of us deserve better.

Our province and our city are facing serious challenges and the last thing we need is business as usual and political bafflegab.

Here’s what this election should be about and what my campaign is about:

  1. Housing insecurity. There’s a serious affordable housing shortage in Ottawa. Public housing is crumbling. Tenants have few rights. Developers are ruining our mainstreets with towering buildings for the well to do. The Ontario New Democratic Party (ONDP) will bring in effective inclusionary zoning, legislation to ensure tenants’ rights and stop rent hikes when units become vacant, and will fund one third of the costs of repairing social housing.
  2. Hydro costs. In Ontario, thanks to privatization, we have runaway hydro bills and runaway salaries for Hydro executives. Hydro One must be returned to public hands.
  3. Greening Ottawa. Ottawa greenspace must be protected and expanded. The downtown needs more bicycles and fewer cars. The Queensway expansion, which will choke Ottawa with traffic, must be halted. To encourage public transit, an ONDP government will match local costs dollar for dollar.
  4. Pharmacare and dental care. Too many people can’t afford prescription medicine and dental care. The ONDP will introduce a comprehensive, universal program to provide both.
  5. Hospital overcrowding. Years of government cuts have created a hospital crisis. “Hallway medicine” is now routine. Funds must be restored and hospital capacity increased.
  6. Childcare and long-term care.  Quality childcare and long-term care are prohibitively expensive in Ottawa. These costs will be lowered and standards of care enforced.
  7. Increasing costs of higher education. University and college should be accessible for all who qualify. The ONDP will ensure that students get a debt-free start.
  8. Fair taxation. The wealthy, just like ordinary Ontarians, must pay their rightful share.

Politics shouldn’t be just about candidates at election time. Your representative should always be accountable and accessible. If elected, I’ll use $50,000 of my MPP’s salary to hold frequent town hall meetings and other community events to get your feedback and ideas. Want to discuss the issues? Call me at 613-869-5952.

Real politics should be about what we want to achieve together. Let’s get started.

Photo: Courtesy of the candidate
Photo: Courtesy of the candidate

Colleen McCleery

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

I put my name forward in this campaign because I think Ontario can and must do better. In an era of ballooning deficits and mismanagement, Ontario needs a voice of reason, fiscal accountability and moderation. Only the Progressive Conservative Party has committed to this.

I have also joined this race because I believe in helping others. Looking back on my life’s achievements, the times where I was able to help someone else gave me a sense of purpose. Representing the citizens of Ottawa Centre and being a voice for their issues and needs is a privilege not everyone gets. I am honoured to be running to represent the residents of the Glebe and all of Ottawa Centre.

I am a long-time resident of the Glebe, having lived in the neighbourhood for 18 years. With my background, holding a Doctor of Medicine degree, an MBA and 20 years of experience as a management consultant, I will bring broad experience to solving the problems of our province. I will work to ensure we have a strong future. It has become common for governments to run deficits and we need to be aware of what a lack of fiscal prudence costs. We need to ensure we are financially responsible now so future spending can go to important services and not just paying interest on our debt.

The Glebe is full of engaged and passionate individuals whose needs are the same as other Ontarians – high quality healthcare, good education, jobs and lower taxes. Good jobs are important for this area because we have so many highly educated, underemployed young people.  Lowering business taxes and creating opportunity is a necessity for those who hold post-secondary degrees but have no choice but to work minimum wage jobs. This is a missed opportunity Ontario can’t afford.

I believe that some short-term restraint is necessary to provide long-term benefits. The promises made by Kathleen Wynne are bought from our children’s future as the deficit spending comes from borrowed money that only increases the wealth of the bondholder and impoverishes our children. It must stop.

Photo: Courtesy of the candidate
Photo: Courtesy of the candidate

Yasir Naqvi

Liberal Party of Ontario

It has been an honour to serve as your MPP. Together, we have built a livable community with quality public services. As I knock on doors every weekend, I get to experience the positive difference we are making.

Thanks to your support I have had the opportunity to advocate on your behalf and I am excited about everything we have accomplished.

Bridging Communities

Bringing communities together creates stronger social bonds and opportunity. That is why I championed the Clegg Street–Fifth Avenue footbridge over the Rideau Canal. This $5 million investment is crucial to uniting Old Ottawa East, the Glebe and Old Ottawa South and will create a dedicated active transportation route to work, entertainment and shopping.

Replaced the OMB

For too long the voices of community members were being ignored so we replaced the Ontario Municipal Board and established the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal to ensure that local decision makers come first on projects that affect their home communities. It will create a balanced decision-making process that is more predictable, faster and less costly.

Safe Streets

Thanks to your advocacy, we passed a law to make our streets safer for all. The Safer School Zones Act gives municipalities more tools to fight speeding and dangerous driving by using photo radars in our neighbourhoods, lowering speed limits on residential streets and installing red light cameras to make major intersections safer.

Care and Opportunity

I am committed to building a fair and caring society that gives everyone an opportunity to grow and succeed by investing in:

  • OHIP+: Full coverage of prescription medications for everyone under the age of 25 and starting August 2019 everyone 65+ will also have full coverage;
  • Free childcare for children between the ages of two and a half to kindergarten, saving families on average, $17,000 per child; and
  • Improving access to mental health and addictions services with a $2.1 billion investment over 4 years.

My promise to you is that I will continue to work as hard as I can to build a better community, together.

For more information, visit or contact me at or 613-454-7722.

Photo: Genneviève Ebacher
Photo: Genneviève Ebacher

Cherie Wong

Green Party of Ontario

On this traditional unceded Algonquin territory, I am fortunate to call Ottawa my home. I recognize this country is built from colonialism; we need meaningful actions to seek reconciliation while actively dismantling systems of oppression. About a year ago, I completed my Honours Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Ottawa. While in school, I volunteered for various student associations and clubs. Through my active volunteerism, I became a youth leader. When I wound up volunteering at Elizabeth May’s office, I discovered my passion for politics. I am currently serving my second term as co-chair of the Young Greens of Canada.

I spent my teen years disengaged in politics. I was sick of seeing partisan and private interests taking priority. How could I expect change to happen if I am not willing to lead it myself? My career in youth engagement has empowered me to step up and win my party’s nomination. In this election I want to empower Ontarians to stand up for the values they believe in. True democracy comes from people-powered change in Ontario where MPPs must always put constituents’ interests first.

This upcoming provincial election will be my first time casting a ballot for a Member of Provincial Parliament. This year will also be my first time running as a candidate and I believe I can offer a fresh voice for the people of Ottawa Centre. I have a vision for Ontario that starts with confronting the deep social and economic inequalities. In order to build a stronger Ontario, we need to work together.

There is a distinct lack of diverse voices and representation at Queen’s Park that often leads to repressive policies for marginalized communities. I know all too well that the right to participate in civic and political life is not always a guarantee. My peers in Hong Kong have been banned from running in legislative elections. In Canada, the charter guarantees us the freedom to access our participatory democracy. I choose to use this freedom to participate as a voter, a candidate and just maybe your next MPP.

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