Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival

Nurturing young minds through the magic of storytelling

Brenda Kamanzi

The Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival is back, and it promises to be a magical experience for children aged three to 12. From November 20 to 25, the National Capital will come alive with the enchanting power of storytelling.

This free bilingual festival, featuring talented storytellers from Ontario and Quebec, is a celebration of the art of storytelling, designed to captivate young minds and ignite their imagination. The festival’s mission is to foster a love for language, culture and the shared human experience through the art of storytelling. The event is proud to partner with esteemed organizations like the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, Conseil des Écoles Catholiques Centre-Est and Consortium Centre Jules-Léger. The venues for this festival will be diverse, including the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, various Ottawa Public Library branches and an online platform.

The Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival is a delightful journey into the world of imagination and creativity – and it’s free! Storytelling, an age-old tradition, holds the power to transport young minds to far-off lands, introduce them to new cultures and immerse them in exciting adventures. With a lineup of talented storytellers, children will be enthralled by the power of words and the vivid imagery painted by these gifted individuals.
Mark your calendars and join the Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival for a week of wonder, imagination and unforgettable tales that will leave a lasting impact on the young hearts and minds of Ottawa. For more information email, or visit

Brenda Kamanzi is social media and marketing coordinator for the Children’s Storytelling Festival.

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