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Yasir Naqvi
MP Ottawa Centre

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As Ottawa Centre residents, we are so fortunate to have a dynamic selection of winter activities in our neighbourhoods and across the city! Whether it’s a ski on the Kichi Sibi trail, skating at a local rink or a visit to Winterlude attractions, I encourage you and your family to get out and get active. Personally, I love to run – in rain, snow and shine, this is how I get active and keep my physical and mental health in check. Be sure to visit the Ottawa Tourism website https://bit.ly/4135aPJ for more ideas on how you can enjoy this winter season outdoors in our community.

Health care investments

Recently, the government of Canada announced major investments to strengthen Canada’s health care system. The federal government will fund provinces and territories by $196.1 billion over 10 years, including $42.2 billion in new funding. Included in this funding is an immediate $2 billion to address immediate pressures on the health care system, particularly pediatric hospitals, emergency rooms and long wait times for surgeries. Also $1.7 billion will go towards raises for personal support workers, and $2 billion over 10 years is earmarked to address the unique challenges Indigenous peoples face when it comes to fair and equitable access to quality and culturally safe health care services. Overall, this investment means a new focus on primary care and mental health in our government’s work to improve the health care system for all Canadians.

Celebrating the work of the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This month, I would like to highlight the incredible work carried out by the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre and the University of Ottawa Health Institute. I was thrilled to announce a federal investment of just over $568,000 to the Heart Institute which they matched, allocating over a million dollars to the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre to create a cardiovascular prevention and care network. This care network will further prevent, screen and treat cardiovascular disease in women. I commend the incredible work of Dr. Thais Coutinho and Dr. Kerri Mullen for spearheading this effort to bridge the gap in adequate care for women’s heart health. Visit my website at YasirNaqviMP.ca to learn more.

Affordable and social housing in Ottawa

Housing is a continuous topic of discussion and a priority for me as your MP. Last year, we announced that the Rapid Housing Initiative would launch a third round. This includes a project stream of $1 billion that allows for provinces, municipalities, Indigenous governing bodies and not-for-profit housing agencies to apply directly for federal funding to create more social and affordable housing for vulnerable residents in our community. This application window will be open until March 15. Additionally, Ottawa will be receiving an investment of $18.5 million as part of the Major Cities Stream to create 48 new units across our city. The previous rounds funded units built through Ottawa Community Housing, Shepherds of Good Hope and John Howard Society, among others. To end chronic homelessness, we need sustained, consistent funding. We are doing just that through the Rapid Housing Initiative – helping Canadians access safe, affordable, housing that meets their needs, while also creating jobs for the local economy in Ottawa.

As your federal representative, I am pleased to share these accomplishments with you, and I thank you for adding your voices to these discussions as it is your advocacy that has led to better outcomes in our community. My team and I are here to help and work together on advancing Ottawa Centre priorities.


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