Plant a tree!

The Glebe Neighbourhood Canopy Regeneration Project

The Tree Team of the Glebe Community Association (GCA) needs your help to keep the streets of the Glebe leafy green for future generations.

Do you have a location on your property suitable for a tree (front, back or side yard or on the City road allowance in front of or beside your property)? Or have you identified tree gaps in other parts of the neighbourhood?

We can offer advice on tapping into City programs (such as Trees in Trust) and on selecting and planting trees on your own.

Over the coming weeks and again in spring 2022, we plan to “knock on doors” where we see opportunities for new plantings. But if you have ideas or questions, don’t wait – email us now!

Contact us at Follow us on Instagram at gcaenviro175.

The Tree Team, a subgroup of the GCA Environment Committee, is pleased to be participating in the Neighbourhood Canopy Regeneration Project of Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES), in partnership with Ecology Ottawa, with the support of a grant from the City of Ottawa. We are also delighted to have communications support from Carleton University students in a course entitled Foundations in Community Engagement.

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