Sell your stuff – Great Glebe Garage Sale 2024

 Come sell your stuff! The Great Glebe Garage Sale will take place this year on Saturday, May 25 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Photo: Liz McKeen

By Colette Downie


Since its inception in 1986, the Great Glebe Garage Sale has been a fundraiser for the Ottawa Food Bank.  Again, this year, we hope you’ll join us in donating a portion of your sale proceeds – we suggest at least 10 per cent – or by donating in person or online in the name of our community.

The Ottawa Food Bank has seen a staggering 68-per-cent increase in visits since 2019 with more employed people, more new Canadians and more families visiting its network of agencies. Not only are more people accessing food banks, but they’re also making more frequent visits. Less than two per cent of Ottawa Food Bank funding comes government, with donations making up the rest,

Everyone needs play a part in ending food insecurity; everyone in the Glebe can help. Last year’s sale produced almost $15,000 of donations for the Ottawa Food Bank, with neighbours raising money in a variety of ways (garage sale sellers, swing dancers, lemonade stands, rummage sales – thanks to you all!).  This year’s dedicated donation link can be found at You will also be able to donate in person as our team will be roaming the neighbourhood looking for cash donations. You can also donate at the Ottawa Food bBank tent on Bank Street in front of McKeen Metro Glebe. As well, we will post QR codes to take you directly to the Ottawa Food Bank GGGS donation page.

Please remind your friends and neighbours about this important goal and about the need for food in our community.  A city without food insecurity is possible and benefits us all.  Spread the word using any channel you can – including social media.

Planning for the sale is well underway.  A few reminders in case you’re new to the sale.

The sale date is Saturday, May 25, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., although many people set up earlier to catch the most dedicated shoppers. No special permission or registration is required to sell your stuff from your own driveway, porch or lawn, though renters would be wise to check with their landlords before setting up.  Selling on city property or sidewalks and streets is prohibited; you could be ticketed.

What you can’t sell on the day, you may want to donate to one of the neighbourhood organizations holding their own sales. For example, St Matthews Church takes donated goods for the garage sale and its treasures auction (10% of sales go to the Ottawa Food Bank). Contact them at Similarly, Abbottsford House is looking for good quality flea market items and jewellery which can be dropped off at the Glebe Centre, 950 Bank Street, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (phone: 613-230-5730).

If you plan to sell food, you will need a permit from the City at least two weeks before the sale. The requirements are onerous – see the City’s webpage for rules on selling food at events.

Once the day is over, please be ready to tidy up and to donate and recycle as much as possible. When in doubt, search the City of Ottawa’s Waste Explorer tool at to learn the best place to dispose of your waste.

The Glebe Community Association has also published a guide to organizations that will take donations of unsold stuff at You will make a difference to someone in need and keep leftover items out of Ottawa’s landfill site. At time of writing, we are working on options to drop off unsold textiles and hope to have more details to share closer to the day.


Colette Downie coordinates the Great Glebe Garage Sale on behalf of the Glebe Community Association. If you have questions about this year’s sale, planned for Saturday May 25, 2024, see the GGGS FAQs on the GCA website at  

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