Spring arrives at Glebe Coop Nursery School

Making a snow angel
Photos: Head Teacher Helen

By Julie Leblanc

The little ones at Glebe Cooperative Nursery School have been busy exploring, learning and growing over the winter.

The children started the winter season by learning all about hibernation. Each child created a bear out of clay, and together they built a bear cave for the bears to spend the winter months sleeping. Through stories, conversations, songs and exploration, the children learned that hibernation is when an animal “sleeps” during the cold days of winter. When it came time for the bears to be tucked into their caves, the children all wore their pyjamas to school as they said “Goodnight” to their bears and “See you in the spring!”

The winter months were filled with stories, songs, crafts, imaginative dramatic play, sensory play and more. Some favourite activities included making bird feeders, pretending to be firefighters, grocery shopping, a light table, freeze dance, playing with shaving cream and, of course, learning about garbage trucks! The child-centred activities facilitated by the teachers at GCNS promote language development, numeracy skills, self-control, turn-taking, fine motor skills, creativity and child empowerment.

With the arrival of spring, the children are enjoying lots of play time outside and taking in all that comes with the changing season. They have woken their hungry bears from a long slumber and are now ready to learn all about the life cycle of butterflies. The children will be able to watch the metamorphosis happen with butterfly life-cycle raising kits.

Registration is now open for the September 2022 Toddler Program and Preschool Program. Visit glebepreschool.com to learn more about the Glebe Cooperative Nursery School.

Julie LeBlanc is a Glebe Cooperative Nursery School parent and is responsible for communications.

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