Summer cleaning?

Glebe Coop Nursery School students welcomed the warmer weather as a chance to be outdoors making sand patterns, using spray bottles and digging with shovels. PHOTO: HELEN BRYDGES

Glebe Cooperative Nursery School can use your old toys

By Emilee Harvey

If you used the latest lockdown to do some additional spring cleaning and regret another year without the historic Great Glebe Garage Sale, consider putting your extras to good use for Glebe Cooperative Nursery School (GCNS). COVID-19 has required new approaches to classroom play and toy selection. Many of the beloved wooden toys have been put away in cupboards because they cannot withstand the wear and tear of the heavy cleaning protocols. Additionally, toys that might have lasted the year under normal circumstances have been loved into permanent retirement by enthusiastic preschoolers.

As you sweep out your nooks and crannies this June, please think about setting aside toys and other items on our list for GCNS. Email for donation drop-off information.

For those interested in registration for fall 2021, students for both the toddler and preschool are being accepted on the waitlist. Please visit our website at for more information about the program and registration.

Emilee Harvey is vice president of the GCNS Board and a parent of a student in the GCNS preschool program.

Glebe Coop Nursery School

Seeks Donations

High-demand items that would be welcome donations and well used by Glebe Coop Nursery School students for the remainder of this year and into the fall:

  • shovels
  • buckets
  • sieves
  • trucks
  • bubbles
  • chalk, both sidewalk 
and regular size
  • paint brushes
  • wagons
  • plastic animals (farm, zoo, etc.)
  • plastic garage, barn, dollhouse
  • wooden puzzles
  • toddler and preschool books
  • cell phones no longer being used (battery taken out)
  • Lego
  • Duplo
  • tennis balls
  • scrap paper of all sizes for art
  • plastic bags
  • paper bags
  • envelopes
  • buttons
  • wooden beads
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