Thirty years ago in the Glebe Report

By Ian McKercher

Volume 21, Number 4, April 2, 1993 (36 pages)


The Kirby Report on Regional Government Reform proposed ward boundary changes that would sever the Dow’s Lake community from the Glebe and Ottawa South. Dow’s Lake would become part of Prince of Wales Ward, in combination with parts of the old Elmdale, Alta Vista and Riverdale Wards.

This idea was firmly opposed by Diana Patterson, President of the Dow’s Lake Residents’ Association, GCA President Beatrice Raffoul and Capital Ward Counsellor Jim Watson. Letters had been written to Ottawa Centre MPP Evelyn Gigantes in support of keeping Dow’s Lake in Capital Ward.


A full-page profile by Barb Coyle honoured the retirement of National Sculptor Eleanor Milne, a long-time Powell Avenue resident. Milne and a team of four assistants took 10 years to carve the 120-foot by 4.5-foot history-of-Canada frieze above the archways in the House of Commons. The sculpting team started work at 11 pm unless the Commons was sitting late. This was only one of her many artistic achievements. For 30 years of public service, Milne was presented with the Order of Canada and honorary degrees from Carleton University and the University of Windsor.


In 1983, there were eight displays and 14 participating students in the first annual Glebe Science Fair. In February 1993, 168 students were responsible for 102 presentations at the 10th annual Fair. Grade 12 student Keith Morton emerged as the over-all winner that year, taking home four different awards. He would lead a Glebe contingent of 13 students to represent the school at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair.


The Ottawa Public Library was introducing a computerized dialing system that would automatically telephone customers when a reserved book was ready for pick up. This cost-efficient service would reduce the time staff needed to contact readers.

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