Two teams, one arena?


Dear Editor, Glebe Report

Re: “Lansdowne Park 2.0; Mayor Sutcliffe and new council facing hard decisions,” Glebe Report, March 2023

As a citizen and taxpayer, I found the article about proposed developments at Lansdowne Park informative, stimulating and more than slightly alarming.

The proposed towering towers represent the increasing, creeping privatisation of a priceless public asset.

The construction of a new arena at the east end is more construction on what had been green space. Here’s an idea – in several European cities, for example Rome, two major-league soccer teams share a single stadium. How about the Senators and 67s jointly occupying the new stadium (if it is ever built!) at LeBreton Flats? It would be possible to accommodate two schedules.

I am prepared to concede that parts of the [Lansdowne] early redevelopment have turned out better than I anticipated, but I have an ominous feeling about these new proposals.

Ian Guthrie

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