Wanted: forever home for Good Morning Preschool

Director Karen Cameron and kids. Good Morning Preschool is on the hunt for a new home. Photo: Lauren Weber

By Katherine Liston

Once again, Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool is looking for a new home.

Since the sale of Logan-Vencta Hall, Good Morning has been engaged in discussions with a local institution and had been looking forward to moving nearby in time for next school year.  Unfortunately, we recently learned that the institution is no longer interested in renting to a long-term tenant, so we are once again looking for a new home. This news comes at the end of three difficult years, which have included low registration due to COVID-19, pandemic-related closures and the sale of the building we have occupied for more than four decades. This has been particularly disappointing as the school and its volunteer board have committed significant time and financial resources towards making the new location work. Time is running out for us to find a new location in time for September.

“Obviously, we are gutted as we have been working with this organization for 10 months on this project without any indication that we would not be able to move forward with our tenancy,” said Karen Cameron, director of Good Morning Preschool. “Monthly site visits, hundreds of volunteer hours, thousands of dollars spent on professional fees, and to get this news two days before Christmas was heartbreaking to say the least. I have been with Good Morning and working with families in the area since 2001 and it is devastating to be in this position of uncertainty for the future of our beloved little preschool.”

Good Morning Preschool has operated licensed, arts-based childcare programs at its current location at the corner of First Avenue and Bank Street since 1981. While the school has been an important fixture in the Glebe for over 40 years, Good Morning is open to moving to other neighbourhoods in central Ottawa where we can serve young families. We are a well-established, not-for-profit cooperative committed to educating and enriching young people and we would work hard to be a good fit for any organization who would be interested in renting to us. If you know of a location that might be suitable for us or have an idea that you think we should explore, please let us know! We also know that Good Morning has been an important part of many of our neighbours’ lives. If you are interested in joining our relocation committee and helping build our future, please reach out to us. We would be happy to hear from you; please send us an email at goodmorningpreschool@gmail.com.

Katherine Liston is president of the Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool board of directors.

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