Watching kids thrive at Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool

Kids in the preschool and after-school program at Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool, growing by leaps and bounds   Photos: Amanda Black

By Amanda Black 
and William Wilson

It seems like every September ends in the blink of an eye. Our “babies” entered Grade 2 and the last year of preschool, respectively. As the adults bid tearful goodbyes during the first drop-offs, both kiddos ran excitedly to join their friends and teachers. The pure joy and happiness to learn new skills emanating from their little bodies made all the cynical adults’ hearts warm with hope and faith about the next generation.

Our youngest was born just before the pandemic began. As such, he spent most of his first years as Mommy’s shadow and buddy. We were very worried that he would have issues transitioning to the routines and schedules at preschool and later at school. This was proven wrong on his first day at Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool. We were greeted by his teachers, and he immediately accepted their hand and turned to walk into the class. We actually had to remind him to give hugs before he left!

Since that day, he wakes up with excitement on school mornings, gets dressed and talks about “going to see his friends and Ms. Lauren or Ms. Karen.” He runs to the door and hurries his sister if he believes she is taking too long and might make him late for school.

Our oldest started the after-school art program this fall. She has always been an independent, creative spirit but she loves showing us all the activities and art items she creates each week. Her favourite part of the program is that her teachers pick her up from school and walk her to Good Morning. It’s not far but she adores “exploring” the city without her parents.

From a parent’s perspective, we have watched our babies grow leaps and bounds with the help of Good Morning. Our youngest has learned to dress himself, go on the “big boy” potty, sit at the table and eat his meals, spell and recognize his name and proudly tell and show us what creations he worked on at school. In contrast, our eldest has honed her patience, developed confidence in her abilities and explored her skills of independence.

Being a parent is a heart-breaking affair because when it’s done “right,” you teach your children to need you less and less. Since our son started at Good Morning, we haven’t second-guessed our registration. We are constantly reminded of how important socialization has been for our little guy’s development.

The pandemic has increased many worries and anxieties, especially regarding the effects on our children. Having seen the growth and success of our son at preschool, we no longer worry about his move to kindergarten next year and his future in general.

There is still room in all Good Morning programs. Please contact our educators for more information at 613-276-7974 or

Amanda Black and William Wilson are the proud parents of two children at Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool.

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