What if decluttering and organizing were like gardening?


By Martha Tobin

This is the time of year when we all want to spend time outdoors tending our gardens instead of tackling the “stuff” in our basement, garage, shed or attic. In fact, the very thought of tackling those areas can seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips and tricks for approaching decluttering and organizing as you would gardening:

  1. Similar to pulling up those weeds that are strangling your garden plants, focus on the items of trash in the area you want to declutter and separate those items out for disposal or recycling.
  2. By preparing your soil with compost and manure, you increase your soil quality and give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Preparing to declutter and organize is key too when tackling an area of your home. Have some cardboard boxes, garbage bags and bins on hand so that you can sort items more easily.
  3. Understanding your soil’s drainage in a garden contributes to a lusher garden. The same can be said when decluttering and organizing in that understanding what your vision is for that space you are working in allows you to work towards that goal.
  4. In your garden, paying attention to how much sunlight your plants need is key. When organizing, ask yourself what items you need on a daily basis versus weekly or monthly, then set up your space so that the items you need the most often are the most accessible.
  5. By clearing out those plants that are not thriving in your garden, you are able to showcase those that do. The same is true for decluttering and organizing – by letting go of those items you no longer need, use, love or want, you are able to focus on those things that matter most to you.

Gardening is good for the soul. It improves overall well-being by increasing optimism and boosting self-esteem and positivity. The same can be said about organizing and decluttering those spaces in your home that are making you feel fenced in and weighed down. By tackling these areas, you will feel lighter, more focused, less stressed and overwhelmed. And like gardening, donating is good for the soul as it gives items a second life with others in need in our community.

Martha Tobin is the owner of Glebe business Declutter4Good – Organizing and Decluttering (Declutter4Good.ca).

Applying gardening principles to decluttering tasks can be helpful, says Martha Tobin.

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