What your neighbours are reading

Here is a list of some titles read and discussed recently in various local book clubs:

TITLES                                                                                   AUTHORS

The Book of Hope[1]                                                                 Jane Goodall

Run Towards the Danger[2]                                                    Sarah Polley

Indians on Vacation[3]                                                               Thomas King

Ducks[4]                                                                                     Kate Beaton

The Shadow of the Wind[5]                                                      Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The Personal Librarian[6]                                                          M. Benedict and V. C. Murray

The Mosquito[7]                                                                        Timothy C. Winegard

The Sleeping Car Porter[8]                                                        Suzette Mayr

The Last Doctor[9]                                                                    Jean Marmoreo

Midnight at Malabar House[10]                                              Vaseem Khan



[1] 15 Book Club

[2] 35 Book Club

[3] Abbotsford Book Club

[4] Broadway Book Club

[5] Helen’s Book Club

[6] Seriously No-Name Book Club

[7] The Book Club

[8] Sunnyside Adult Book Club

[9] Sunnyside Second Friday Book Club

[10] Sunnyside Mystery Book Club


If your book club would like to share its reading list, please email it to Micheline Boyle at grapevine@glebereport.ca.


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