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Housing for older adults

By Pat Eakins and Janet Sutherland

Last call to register! Abbotsford Seniors Centre is hosting presentations on housing for older adults in collaboration with Abbeyfield Riverside/Seniors Watch of Old Ottawa South.

May 17: Housing options for older adults in Ottawa. Considering your next move? Hoping to age in place or explore alternatives? Housing options for older adults with moderate incomes will be outlined and discussed, using the Council on Aging Housing Guide, checklist and resource list. You are strongly encouraged to review these in advance at coaottawa.ca/committees/housing/housing-options-in-ottawa. Peggy Edwards and George Hartsgrove, members of the Council on Aging of Ottawa’s Age-Friendly Housing Committee, will be ready to answer your questions.

May 24: Barbara Steele, a registered interior designer, and Chantal Trudel, an associate professor at the School of Industrial Design, will present the concept of universal home design. Universal design is how spaces made for the 30-year-old, able-bodied you become spaces for you (or anyone!) at any age or level of ability. Your home should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable. What if, over time, it gets harder to live in your home? Are stairs and bathtubs becoming a challenge? Are you having a hard time getting to what you need in the kitchen to make dinner?

May 31: JP Melville, director of Abbeyfield Canada, will discuss the Abbeyfield concept of shared living and the status of Abbeyfield housing model. He will share the evolving nature of the Abbeyfield concept. You will meet someone from a local Abbeyfield residence in Ottawa and hear about a day in the life of a fully operational household. Terrance Hunsley, chair of Abbeyfield Riverside, will provide an update on the development of an Abbeyfield house in Old Ottawa South.


Registration information for all three speakers:

The sessions will be held live and on Zoom simultaneously, from 1-2:30 p.m.

Participation is free but registration IS required

Registration for all three presentations is underway:

At the Abbotsford Reception Desk, 950 Bank Street

By telephone 230-5730

For Abbotsford Centre members: online with your key-tag: myactivecenter.com


Pat Eakins and Janet Sutherland are members of the Seniors Watch of Old Ottawa South (SWOOS) Housing Project Team and Abbeyfield Riverside board of directors. Janet Sutherland is a Glebe resident and is participating in this initiative as a member of the Glebe Community Association’s Health and Social Services Committee.

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