Word from the Board

By Jennifer Humphries

In this 50th year of the Glebe Report, it is my pleasure to introduce this occasional column.

The volunteer Board of Directors of the Glebe Report Association (GRA) – the non-profit association that publishes the Glebe Report – has decided to step out of the shadows.

As board members, we’ve traditionally been quite invisible. That’s because we work behind the scenes. We aren’t the editor and we aren’t the production team, whose names appear on our masthead each issue and whom we value hugely. We are the advisers, the guiders of policy and, when it comes to finances and resources, we are decision-makers too.

But we work hand in hand with the team members who provide a diversity of expertise. For our website redesign, unveiled with this issue, board and team members collaborated to shape a user-friendly, attractive online venue that we hope captures the varied interests of our community.

We are also working together to deepen our commitment to diversity and inclusion, considering new approaches and outreach to fully reflect the people and spirit of our community.

Board members’ primary focus is our audience – our numerous readers in print and online, as well as our volunteers and businesses. A special shout-out to volunteers: over our 50 years, it’s safe to say that no less than a thousand Glebe residents have contributed or are contributing in an array of roles. And a shout-out to the terrific businesses that unwaveringly support us, despite challenges of all kinds including a pandemic.

People join the board because they want to get to know the neighbourhood better and to help this central community news medium to excel. We come from a range of professions.

Our discussions are sometimes “just business,” but they are often dynamic too. We learn from one another and the community. And we are inspired to make sure that the Glebe Report continues to be an essential part of life in the Glebe over the coming years.

Volunteer with us, with whatever time you can spare. We know our community members are busy people. But we promise you that your contributions will be appreciated, and you will know that you are enabling a great community enterprise to live on.

We are looking for new board members to join in 2023. If you are interested in joining the board, please email us at chair@glebereport.ca.

And consider joining the GRA. It’s easy to do. Email chair@glebereport.ca, we can register you, and you will receive an invitation to our Annual General Meeting in May. In fact, anyone can attend the AGM – all are welcome. Look for an announcement in print and online in April.

Jennifer Humphries is co-chair of the Glebe Report Association Board of Directors

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