Board of Directors and Production Team


Board of Directors

The GRA Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Glebe Report. The Board is comprised of Directors with diverse backgrounds and experience, aiming to reflect the range of people in our community. Directors are elected by the membership.

A Director’s term of office is four years, which may be extended to one additional term. The Board typically comprises 10 to 12 members. We welcome inquiries from community members interested in serving on the Board, or who would like more information on the roles and responsibilities of Directors. Please email


Steve Ball
Leslie Cole
Vaughn Guy
Jennifer Humphries, Co-Chair
Lynn Johnston, Treasurer
Patricia Lightfoot, Co-Chair
Cameron Mitchell
Bhagwant Sandhu

Production Team

Liz McKeen

Advertising Manager
Judy Field

Susanne Ledbetter

Copy Editor
Roger Smith

Grapevine Editor
Micheline Boyle

Layout Designer
Jock Smith

Poetry Quarter Curator
Deborah-Anne Tunney

Martha Bowers
Jennifer D’Costa
Jeanette Rive

Social Media Coordinator
Tamara Merritt

Web Manager
Elspeth Tory

Distribution Manager
Hilda van Walraven

Commercial Distributors
Teddy Cormier
Eleanor Crowder

Area Captains
Martha Bowers
Bob Brocklebank
Judy Field
Brenda Perras
Hilda van Walraven
Della Wilkinson
Elena Kastritsa