Get Involved

The Glebe Report is put together entirely by community members who volunteer their time. We welcome volunteers in a range of roles, from writing to proofreading to photography and illustration.

If you’d like to contribute, please contact editor@glebereport.ca.

We also rely on volunteers for circulation of the paper to homes and businesses in the Glebe. It’s an ideal opportunity for children and families to get to know their neighbours, and as an added bonus, hours spent delivering the Glebe Report count towards high school students’ volunteer work requirement.

If you’d like to volunteer to deliver the Glebe Report, please contact circulation@glebereport.ca.

Volunteer Opportunities

Glebe Report seeks Area Captain
Want to help distribute the Glebe Report each month? If you have a car and 1.5 hours a month to spare, then your help would be most appreciated! Please send an email to circulation@glebereport.ca for more information.