Glebe Collegiate gets ready to celebrate 100 years

The Glebe Collegiate girls field hockey team kicks butt! The GCI girls won the city wide field hockey championship! Their coach, Colin Harris is “just amazing.”

By Christy Griffin

We will fight and we will battle for the good of Glebe
We are proud of the yellow and blue,
On the track and in the gym and on the football field
We are first and our equals are few.
Eus Protus, ever foremost is the shout of Glebe and her name ever greater shall be.
Glebe Collegiate, Glebe Collegiate we will fight for thee
Our school G L E B E.

Glebe Collegiate’s outdoor classroom is one response to the exigencies of the

If this song rings a bell, you might be a Glebe Collegiate alum of. . .um. . .a certain age. The school is readying to welcome back all students and staff on what promises to be a fun-filled anniversary weekend. Reserve May 13-15, 2022 in your calendar, and join us for a stellar Opening Night, parading from Lansdowne to the back campus for the Student Council barbecue, visiting decade rooms, the return of the Saturday night dance and so many more events.

The volunteer committee is still looking for a few hands to help with the planning and for the weekend event itself. Contact Paddy via for more information. The website is regularly updated, and registration for the anniversary weekend will be open mid-November.

If you have walked by GCI recently, you will see the newly installed outdoor classroom, a recent development made possible by the support of the Ottawa Carleton-District School Board, the school council and the Ottawa Community Foundation.

We look forward to seeing you next May!

Christy Griffin is chair of the 100th Anniversary Committee of the Glebe Collegiate Parent Council.

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